Roth Rainwater Harvesting Rainwater Collection Systems

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Roth Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Roth Rainwater Harvesting Rainwater Collection Systems

Roth Rainwater Harvesting. Environmentally friendly. Financially rewarding. Smart.

  • 50% or more of all potable water is used for non-potable purposes such as irrigation, car washing and toilet flushing
  • The average US household consumes about 70,000 G/year of water
  • Droughts and water restrictions are worsening across the US
  • Earn LEEDS* credits on new construction with a rainwater harvesting system
  • Keep your lawn lush, your car clean and your water bill down with Roth.


Rainwater Cisterns

The Roth MultiTank is the first tank of its kind. It can be used for water cistern, pump, holding, rainwater or septic tank. This is possible due to its special construction of an inner layer of FDA approved virgin HDPE, two inside layers of PE for improved stability, plus one outer layer of black and UV-stabilized PE.

Not only is it special in terms of its construction, it also has the best warranty the industry has to offer: lifetime corrosion protection and 5 years of labor insurance coverage (see warranty for more details).


When used as a Potable Water Cistern, also known as a Rainwater Cistern tank, it is used for storing rain water collected from a roof or other catchment area. Cisterns are sometimes used for storing hauled water, but are usually used as a supplement to other water sources. Cisterns are very useful when the regular source of water for a farm or rural home becomes low in dry periods of the year.

  • Environmentally Sound - Watertight, corrosion resistant and FDA approved construction
  • Versatile - can be used for water cistern, pump, holding, rainwater or septic tank
  • Heavy Duty - Designed to perform under tough conditions
  • Code Compliant - Meets or exceeds state requirements and NSF 61
  • Installer Friendly - Easy handling and multi-port inlet/outlet pipe configurations
  • Safe & Secure - Sturdy, lockable, threaded cover and riser system
  • Low-profile high-performance design
  • Convenient and watertight threaded access riser system
  • Includes connection gaskets and threaded manhole covers
  • No water required during backfill process
  • Best warranty the industry has to offer
  • Heaviest poly tank on the market

  • World's Strongest Plastic Septic Tank on the Market
  • Industry Best Warranty
  • Lightweight Design
  • A Perfect Concrete Alternative
  • CSA and IAPMO Certified
    (except models ST-300, ST-500, ST-900 & ST-1000E)
  • High Strength Engineered Resin
  • Water-Tight Seamless Construction
  • Safe and Unique Access Riser System
  • Patented COEX-3 Multi-Layer Co-Extrusion Process
  • Code Compliant - meets or exceeds most all requirements in North America
  • Installation Ease - easy handling and adaptable inlet/outlet pipe configurations
  • Heavy Duty - designed to perform under tough conditions
  • Versatility - Suitable for septic or pump tank applications
  • Patented Design