Roth PEX-c Plumbing Systems

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PEX-c Plumbing Systems

PEX-c Plumbing System

Choose PEXc for purity.

You don't drink milk, juice or soda pop from copper or galvanized steel bottles. So why would you want to drink water from copper pipes when you could use the same type of materials used to package some of our most common beverages?


Roth PEXc System Tubing is the backbone of the Roth Plumbing System. This state of the art material is made by "cross-linking" (X) polyethylene (PE) tubing - the same material used to make plastic milk jugs - with a high-energy electron beam (c). The cross-linking process adds additional bonds between the polyethylene molecules to make it stronger, more resilient and resistant to higher temperatures and pressures than other plastic pipe systems. Unlike most similar products from other manufacturers, we don't use chemicals to cross-link our tubing. Our electron beam method of cross-linking gives our tubing the strength of PEX without the addition of chemicals required by other methods. Unlike other types of PEX tubing that are cross-linked by passing the tubing through a chemical bath, our electron beam method results in very uniform cross-linking through the entire wall thickness of the tubing - and we don't have to worry about rinsing all the chemical residue from the inside of the tubing when we're finished. If you're concerned about purity, Roth PEXc tubing is the product to use.


PEXc is the product used for drinking water systems in Europe where it was pioneered in the 1970's and Roth is among the largest manufacturers of PEXc tubing in Germany. Roth has the experience and the products to provide the cleanest, most flexible plumbing system available today.


Roth PEXc plumbing systems: The solution for modern plumbing professionals.

The Roth PEXc Plumbing System meets all of the requirements of the modern plumbing professional. Our PEXc tubing is not only strong but resists scale build-up and damage from aggressive or hard water. Our tubing and fittings are continually tested and certified to meet national standards for performance and safety in drinking water systems by independent third-party labs. PEXc tubing is easier to handle and requires less fittings than traditional metal piping systems. It is also more environmentally friendly than metal pipes when you consider the costs and damage of mining, refining, hazardous waste disposal, forming, transportation, etc. Our tubing carries a twenty-five (25) year warranty when professionally installed (see our Limited Warranty for details).

The Roth PEXc Plumbing System is flexible and easily adapted to your requirements. We have coils and straight lengths of PEXc tubing and all of the fittings and accessories needed for your system: manifolds, stub-outs, valves & stops, etc. We also have a new heavy-duty stainless steel clamp system (HDSS PEXc clamp) that replaces the old copper crimp ring fastening system. A single, small tool is all you need to install all of our tubing sizes up to 1".

Roth PEXc Plumbing Systems are designed using the same information you use for traditional metal piping systems. You can use the "home run" method and supply all of your fixtures from one or more locations or you can use the more traditional "tee and branch" method to supply your fixtures from an extended trunk line. In either case, PEXc tubing has better flow characteristics than metal piping systems and you can sometimes use smaller tubing to provide the same flow. Properly designed, Roth PEXc Plumbing Systems are usually faster and easier to install and have less temperature and pressure fluctuations than traditional metal plumbing systems. Additional system design information is available in the Roth Product & Design Manual and Installer's Handbook.




PEX-c Tubing for Plumbing Applications Part Numbers

1/2"; Coil of 100 ft.; red


1/2"; Coil of 100 ft.; blue 2342150010
1/2" ; Coil of 100 ft.; white 2344150100
1/2"; Coil of 300 ft.; red 2342150002
1/2"; Coil of 300 ft.; blue 2342150004
1/2" ; Coil of 300 ft.; white 2344150300
1/2" ; Coil of 500 ft.; red 2342150503
1/2" ; Coil of 500 ft.; blue 2342150502
1/2"; Coil of 1,000 ft.; red 2342150302
1/2"; Coil of 1,000 ft.; blue 2342150303
1/2" ; Coil of 1000 ft.; white 2344151000
1/2"; Bag of 10 x 20 ft.; red 2342150001
1/2"; Bag of 10 x 20 ft.; blue 2342150003
3/4"; Coil of 100 ft.; red 2342220012
3/4"; Coil of 100 ft.; blue 2342220011
3/4" ; Coil of 100 ft.; white 2344220100
3/4"; Coil of 300 ft.; red 2342220005
3/4"; Coil of 300 ft.; blue 2342220007
3/4" ; Coil of 300 ft.; white 2344220300
3/4" ; Coil of 500 ft.; red 2342220503
3/4" ; Coil of 500 ft.; blue 2342220502
3/4"; Bag of 10 x 20 ft.; red 2342220004
3/4"; Bag of 10 x 20 ft.; blue 2342220006
1"; Coil of 100 ft.; red 2342280008
1"; Coil of 100 ft.; blue 2342280009
1" ; Coil of 100 ft.; white 2344280100
1" ; Coil of 300 ft.; red 2342280005
1" ; Coil of 300 ft.; blue 2342280007
1" ; Coil of 300 ft.; white 2344280300
1" ; Bag of 8 x 20 ft.; red 2342280004




Roth plumbing systems feature different fittings, transitions, tools and accessories for a wide variety of applications. Refer to our manual for further reference.



Roth PEX-c Plumbing Tubing

Roth PEX tubing coils and sticks

Shipped in 300 ft. lengths of continuous coil, PEX tubing is available in 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" diameter sizing, Straight 20 ft. tubes are also available. All Roth tubing meets or exceeds national codes.

Roth Frost-proof sillcocks for PEX-c Plumbing Tubing


Frost-proof sillcocks
The long stem on this fitting accommodates varying wall thickness to easily install outside water outlets. Fitting includes an antisiphon faucet.

Roth water heater fittings for PEX-c Plumbing Tubing

Water heater fittings

An assortment of fittings is available to simplify installing water heaters, meet codes and save labor.

Roth 90 elbows for PEX-c Plumbing Tubing

90˚ elbows

Widely used for making narrow 90˚ turns, most codes approve PEX elbows with crimp connections in concealed installations.

Roth hot and cold manifolds for PEX-c Plumbing Tubing

Hot and cold manifolds

Using the "home-run method" of installation, Roth manifolds reduce flow and temperature fluctuations, allow smaller tubing sizes and reduce the number of fittings. Roth manifolds are available pre-configured or as building blocks for custom applications.

Roth shower-lock elbows for PEX-c Plumbing Tubing

Shower-lock elbows

Features 2" brass lock nuts to secure both sides of the finished wall. Shower-lock elbows are ideal for fiberglass stalls.




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WARNING: These products can expose you to chemicals such as Nickel, Lead and Styrene, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to